Plant Lists

Plant Lists

Notes on Florida's Endangered and Threatened Plants, FDACS, Listing provides names, habitat, distribution and some photographs of Florida's endangered, threatened and commercially exploited plants.

Maclay Garden's FNPS Arboretum Seasonal Plant Lists

Plant lists are always a work in progress so please notify the creator if you find any additions.

Home Garden Plant Lists

  • Florida Wildflowers Coloring Book, published by Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  • Native Plants for Your Garden, by Eleanor Dietrich, an Excel workbook that includes a list of native plants that she recommends and has used in her garden. There are separate sheets that sort the list by different fields. Pictures of the plants can be viewed on Eleanor's Flickr website (see the Links page or use link included in the document).
  • A Naturalist Yard by Jim Stevenson and Tara Tanaka, a landscape management philosophy and objectives for a Wakulla Springs Friendly Yard.  This is our landscape management philosophy and objectives for a Wakulla Spring Friendly Yard