Upcoming Meeting, Events, and Announcements
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Monthly Meeting Day and Time

First Thursday of the Month.  Come to socialize at 7:00, the chapter meeting begins at 7:30, and the program begins at 7:45 PM.  The Magonlia Chapter does not meet during the summer months, July-August. Meetings are always FREE and open to the public. If you enjoy your time, we encourage you to become a member. 

Monthly Meeting Location

Room 1024 in the King Life Sciences Building on the FSU Campus (off Stadium Drive north of Pensacola St and south of Call St - see campus map at for location). A parking garage south of the King Building off Spirit Way is open at night. Or try the back parking lot: take Call Street east from Stadium drive, turn right on Psychology Way and go thru the open gate to the parking lot behind the King Building. Go through either set of glass doors on the ground floor to the open foyer outside the meeting room.

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