Angus Gholson Nature Park

Tucked into the heart of the City of Chattahoochee is a wild and natural piece of land!  125 acres have been set aside. This is a slope forest complete with seepage streams, floodplain forest, and the Apalachicola River.  The federally endangered Fringed Campion, Torreya tree and many more have found this their unique “happy place.” 

If it weren’t for Angus Gholson, who cherished this land along with others, this acquisition may never have happened.   The original purpose was to mainly protect rare species and high quality natural communities including water quality protection for the River.  This particular natural resource conservation was clearly purposed by the Florida Communities Trusts Preservation program. Under the stewardship of the local Magnolia chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, monitoring and control of exotic species allows the restoration to continue.  

The secondary purpose was to provide passive recreation, respecting and not degrading the natural resources.  A trail system grew out of this and provides one of many compatible pursuits, including fishing on the dock and along the shore of the Apalachicola River, the western border of the entire park.  

Monthly monitoring to “conserve and protect” is conducted by volunteers who seek opportunities to remove exotic vegetation as they pop up.  The outcome has been a vigorous resurgence of the native species who had been elbowed aside.  

A different kind of protection is underfoot nowadays!  Through the intervention of Hurricane Michael on October 10, 2018, a revised landscape has emerged providing an opportunity for sun to stream down and offer plants a chance to emerge.  Whereas a prescribed burn could have accomplished this, the inner-city location is prohibitive.    

This is a park that evolves and emerges into superior habitat as does all of the natural world!

Our FNPS Magnolia chapter members participate in these activities:

  • Invasive plant removal work days
  • Reporting with Chattahoochee city manager
  • Attend city council and other public meetings
  • Assess trail maintenance and planning
  • Support research efforts at Atlanta Botanical Garden, universities and others

Click to view the Angus K. Gholson, Jr. Nature Park Website

Located south of Highway 90 in Chattahoochee, FL.