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Nature in Focus, by Bill Boothe, PhotoNaturalist, a professional naturalist and wildlife photographer who hopes that you leave his website with a better appreciation of the natural world after viewing some of his photos.
Nature Photography, by Shirley Denton, provides an indexed list of Florida plant photographs as well as photos of wildlife and ecosystems.
Fingerprince Prints Photography, by Aubrey Heupel and Matt Greene, specializing in Coastal Plain Flora and Fauna.
For the Love of Florida, by Nicole Zampieri, FNAI field biologist specializing in native plants of Florida

Eleanor Dietrich's Flickr Photostream
Eleanor is an FNPS member and past FDOT/Panhandle Wildflower Alliance liason.  

Eleanord43's Photostream, by Eleanor Dietrich, is a Flickr site that includes sets of photos of wildflowers taken at different locations including her backyard, Highway 65, Birdsong, and other places of interest.