Field Trips

Magnolia Chapter FNPS hosts one field trip a month on the first Sunday of each month following the Thursday chapter meetings. We aim to co-ordinate our field trips with our speaker to offer our members an in-depth and hands-on experience relating to the Thursday meeting topic. We try to include our speakers on the field trips, although sometimes this is not feasible. 

Field trip times, locations, time lengths and accessibility can vary month-to-month, so we announce field trips in advance in our Magnolia Chapter email prior to our meetings, and again at the meeting. Field trips often require preparations from participants, so we include in our announcements whether certain clothing, water, packed lunch or other items (bug spray, sunscreen) may be desired or necessary. Although no plant knowledge is necessary, some trips may require a level of physical fitness or field experience which we will include in the trip announcements. Please read trip descriptions carefully to be sure you are comfortable with varying difficulties of terrain etc.  

Number of attendees typically varies from 5 to 30 people, and we do not require FNPS membership to attend a field trip. Occasionally our trips may be only available to a limited number of participants and we will require registration via email ahead of time. Typically we announce a meeting location and time, and will organize a carpool to the site with those who show up. 

I hope you will join us on our next adventure!