Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve

Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve
Whigham, Georgia

From wolfcreektroutlilypreserve.org: Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve is a 140 acre conservation area owned by Grady County thru many generous private donations, including the previous owners, Flint River Timber Company, and a grant from the Georgia Land Conservation Program.  Established in 2009 through the efforts of volunteers from the Magnolia Chapter (Tallahassee) of the Florida Native Plant Society (including some Georgians), it is destined to remain forever undisturbed from human development, protecting the many acres and literally tens of millions of beautiful yellow and maroon dimpled trout lilies and thousands of maroon spotted trillium. This is the largest extent of these trout lilies known anywhere in the world, and certainly a jewel of Grady County!

FNPS Magnolia chapter supports these member activities:

  • Invasive plant removal work days
  • Trail maintenance and planning
  • Prep for visitors during spring bloom
  • Guided tours and logistical support during bloom
  • Work with universities and other organizations

Along with local volunteers, chapter members provide direction on various projects meant to enhance visits while preserving "a beautiful marvel."

Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve is along US Hwy 84 five miles west of Cairo and two miles east of Whigham, GA. The main entrance is on the west side of Wolf Creek on Wolf Creek Rd.

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